My Nissan Micra 1.0 SI

January 5, 2020

This is the Micra where it all started, i bought it as a standard Micra.
She has a 1 litre engine.
I drove around for a week before i bought my first set of rims.
I got a set of Autec rims (see next picture)

Now it was a green monstertruck, so it was time to lower her.
I bought a set of 35mm lowering springs, and with the help of a friend we lowered her.

I got some Japanese rear lights and installed them on the Micra

Then i bought a 2nd Micra, I took the rims off it, and replaced them with my old rims. I removed the SuperS seats that were in the other Micra and put them in my Micra. I also bought a set of 2nd facelift headlight and this is the result.

The 2nd Micra that i bought i sold 2 months later with my old rims under it.

A this moment this is how the Micra looks.

This is the end for now. If i do any more mods i will show it here and on my Instagram (@kermit.k11)